Monday, June 14, 2010

90 Degree Push-Up

  • The fitness components that the 90 degree push-up assessed were upper body strength and endurance.

  • A way to prepare your class for the 90 degree push-up could be to first stretch everyone out properly and than have each student get a chance to do around three practice push-ups to get used to the cadence they will be using for the actual assessment. This will help the students get used to the cadence and will help improve their overall strategy going into the assessment.

  • NASPE has shown and proven the validity of the 90 degree push-up and how it is effective for upper body strength and endurance. The push-up can help students live a healhty active lifestyle and it's a great strength exercise to get used to doing everyday to help keep fit.

  • By showing the students the correct way to do a push-up according to NASPE for the fitnessgram testing, every student knows the correct form and knows the timing for the 90 degree push-up test. The test has been practiced so every student is fully prepared and ready for the actual test. Also the reliability of the push-up is if you do them correctly they will help your upper body strength and also help your endurance.

  • The class as a whole did very well every single student was in the healthy category and some students were in the fit category. Two males went over 35 and were in the fit category and all the females were in the healthy category. Overall the results were great and everyone did an awesome job.

  • Students can improve in the classroom by watching how other students performed and try using some helpful strategies for them to do better. Also getting themselves stretched out and loose before they go is a great strategy to do before the test.

  • Students can improve out of the classroom by exercising and working out to try to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Also by eating healthy and practicing push-ups will help their scores on this particular fitnessgram test.

Push-up video